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8038 Audio GeneratorThomas Henry just doesn't give up on an IC. Whether it's an XR2206, an SN76477, or even the humble CD4046, he seems to always find some way to make that IC give up more than the datasheet even implies. Such is especially the case with the often maligned ICL8038.
Bass++ Drum VoiceThe Bass++ is a dynamic drum voice module ready to be built and installed into your modular synthesizer or built as a stand-alone unit.  Just because the circuit is simple, don't confuse that with it being simplistic - this is a versatile full fledged drum voice in its own right, and it sounds fantastic.
MPS TheoryThomas Henry's Mega Percussive Synthesizer (MPS) is an emminently versatile, high quality percussive voice synthesizer.  This page introduces you to the device, and covers the theory behind percussive voice synthesis in general.
MPS BuildThe Mega Percussive Synthesizer (MPS) is a project well worth the effort.  As is typical of any of Thomas' projects, there is an exquisite part count to functionality ratio.  On this page you will learn how the MPS functions and how to build one yourself.
QFGQuadrature waveforms provide all sorts of interesting modulation possibilities.  What better way is there to generate triangle waveforms in quadrature  than with Thomas Henry's Voltage Controlled Quadrature Function Generator?
SN-Voice MainHe's done it again. This time, Thomas Henry has turned his focus on the the venerable Texas Instruments SN76477N and managed to take it where no SN76477 has gone before.
SNV Sound SamplesThis page contains several samples demonstrating some of the capabilities of the SN-Voice Module.  Most samples are of the SN-Voice singing all by its lonesome; other samples are of the SN-Voice patched together with other modules in my system.
SN-Voice SchematicsOn this page you'll find a link to a zipped archive of the SN-Voice documentation in addition to a description of various SN-Voice functional landmarks.
SN-Voice ConstructionOn this page you'll find basic construction tips and diagrams as well as a description of the calibration procedure that will be required once your SN-Voice is built.
SN-Voice ModificationsThis page contains a few mods that I put together after the original SN-Voice design was "in the can".  Each mod is fairly simple and requires very few extra parts.
SN-Voice OperationIf you've built your SN-Voice and you're wondering how to use it, or you're just thinking about what you want to do with it once you've built it, or perhaps you're thinking of just what form it will take, you've come to the right page!
SN-Voice PartsOn this page, I've provided links to places that offer all of the parts used in the SN-Voice module - even a couple of places that still offer the SN76477, in case that slot in your parts bin is occupied by dust bunnies rather than an SN76477.
SN-Voice PCBOrder a professionally manufactured SN-Voice PCB today!
UD-1 Drum VoiceAs the summer of 2006 drew to a close, Thomas Henry returned to his teaching assignment somewhere in greater Mankato, and thus brought to an end a summer of brilliant and inspired synth design on his part. As a parting shot over the bow, warning of things to come, Thomas sent me a design for a drum voice he has chosen to release to all the synth DIYers out there - the UD-1 Drum Voice Module.
VCA-1The Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) is an essential part of any analog synthesizer's architecture.  Thomas Henry has designed a low parts count, yet very effective VCA for your modular synth.
VCF-1The VCF-1 is a simple, very effective OTA based State Variable Filter design that features Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass outputs.
VCO-1To me the VCO-1 is an "Instant Classic" Thomas Henry design.  You'll find that this VCO, though very spare in parts, packs a wonderful analog wallop with remarkable precision.
VCO-1 ResourcesOn this page you will find a number of links that will help you attain the goal of building your own VCO-1.  Many of the items found on this page can actually apply to building and obtaining parts for any VCO.
VCO MaximusThe VCO Maximus is a CEM3340 based VCO Module.  On this page is a description of the design by Thomas Henry, illustrated with plenty of waveform illustrations taken from his oscilloscope.
VCO Maximus StoryThe story behind the CEM3340 and the VCO Maximus, discussion of the controls, and a video of the VCO Maximus in action can be found on this page.
Maximus ResourcesThis page contains resources for building a VCO Maximus, including the schematic, parts list, a link to the CEM3340 datasheet, and more.
X-4046 VCOThe X-4046 VCO uses only four ICs to provide five output waveforms, exponential control, linear modulation, and an absolutely scorching hard sync effect.
XR-VCOThe XR VCO is a voltage controlled oscillator based off of the XR2206 function generator IC. It was designed by Thomas Henry in June of 2006, and is presented here for the enjoyment of all. Feel free to build it, modify it and apply it to any of your DIY projects.
XR-VCO WaveformsThis page contains several scope shots of skewed waveforms that the XR-VCO produces.

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