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Dim C/TZF MainOccasionally, I stumble across something that really rocks my world.  The Boss Dimension C was one of those devices.  After hearing samples of it, I knew it was something I just could not live without.  This page contains details and sound samples of the project.
Dim C/TZF BuildThis page contains a detailed, pictorial account of the construction of the Dim C/TZF boards.
Dim C/TZF FinishedCheesecake shots of the completed Dim C/TZF!
Dual Late MS-20 FilterThe Dual RenĂ© Schmitz MS-20 Filter is likely one of my most utilized modules.  It makes a fine filter, but I've found that in HP resonant mode, it makes a dandy overtone generator that often makes it sound like a tracking octave generator.  Sound samples.
Birth of the KleeSometimes I'd merely order a part because the description of the part's function caught my fancy.  Such was the case when I'd ordered four CD4034 ICs from Hosfelt a couple of years earlier, then promptly forgot.  Little did I suspect what would ultimately arise out of that one parts purchase.  Sound samples.
MultiPhase DiaryI am an effects freak, and am particularly enamored with modulation effects.  One of the premier modulation effects is phase modulation, and this page contains 34 sound samples of the MultiPhase doing its phase modulation thing, along with a diary of the process of developing the MultiPhase.
MultiPhase TechnicalThe MultiPhase contains two separate phase shifting sections (referred to as Phase Banks), with each bank modulated by its own control circuitry. The two phase banks can be operated individually, in parallel, or in cascade mode for up to 32 stages of phase shifting.
Mutant Vactrol FilterI put this thing on the board, hoisted it up to the lightning rod, and lowered down a jibbering, frantic, insanely mutated filter. Far more mutated than I had expected.  Sound Samples.
Triple SVVCF MainI'd long wondered what a resonator would sound like if one built it from a topology other than the Vactrol controlled filter of the classic Korg PS3100.  So, I purchased three State Variable Voltage Controlled Filter boards from MFOS and found out.  Includes sound samples.
Triple SVVCF FeaturesAs difficult and compact of a build the Triple Wilson SVVCF was, it was worth it based on the sheer power of the features it provides.  This page has a picture of the front panel that one can navigate and rollover with the mouse to learn more about the module.
Triple SVVCF BuildThis page contains a pictorial chronicle of the process used to build the Triple Ray Wilson State Variable Voltage Controlled Filter from concept through completion of the finished module.
WSG Looney ModsI was pleased with how much mileage Ray got from a simple Hex Schmitt Trigger and a 741 op amp - and that Ray is only utilizing half the CD40106 for one section of the WSG! Besides being a cool circuit in its own right, it provided a marvelous platform for fooling around with optocouplers.  Thus is born the Looney series of modifications.  This page is literally Infested with sound samples.
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