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This "resources" page is just a start.  Of course, the schematic and parts list for the VCO Maximus can be found here.  Right now, apparently the only place to get the CEM3340 is through an email request to OnSemi, the information of which can be found below.

If you do not yet have the datasheet for the CEM3340, there is a handy link supplied. I highly recommend obtaining this information.

On this page will be information about the anticipated release of the VCO Maximus PCB from Fonitronik.  And finally, there is a link to a gigantic source of projects from the storied past of Thomas Henry.



Vco Maximus Documentation

VCO Maximus Schematic

VCO Maximus Parts List

CEM3340 Datasheet


Obtaining the CEM3340

As of this writing, the only way I know of to obtain a CEM3340 is from OnChip via a request through email to Thomas told me that payment was through Paypal.  He mentioned that, though it sounds a little clunky, it was actually quite painless and well worth the effort (and that's not even taking into account that before this re-issue of the IC, I would have crawled naked through a parking lot full of broken glass to get one).  At the time, purchasing ten of the parts, they came out to around $16 after shipping.  Note, this is not a declaration of how much they will cost you - send an email and find out!  Thomas did say that the ICs were shipped the same afternoon of the day he ordered them.


This thread from may prove helpful, as might this thread from Muff Wiggler.


Fonitronik VCO Maximus PCB

Matthias Hermmann was an integral member of the VCO Maximus team, and his outfit, Fonitronik, is planning a release of the VCO Maximus PCB to make your build even easier!


Go To Fonitronik


Thomas Henry Circuit Collection

If someone told me that, by clicking a link, I could download a 116 MB PDF file containing a collection of 38 Thomas Henry articles originally published in Polyphony, Electronic Musician, Common Mode, Device Newsletter, and Electronotes for my own personal use, well, I guess I'd just have to click that link.  BTW, Google doesn't preview the document - it just says "Whoops".  Ignore that;  just click the download button and you're in like Flynn.


Electronic Music Circuits:  The Reprints

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