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Jeff Pontius Completes Final Assembly

After I finished up testing of the two Dim C board sets, and set to putting the final wires on them. I labeled each wire with a code, and sent that and several pages of documentation to Jeff Pontius for final assembly. Jeff designed the front panel, ordered them from Schaeffer, and took care of all of the other hardware including knobs, pots and the rack enclosure itself.

Below is a picture of the ugliness that I sent to him.

Raw Boards I Sent to Jeff
Raw Boards I Sent to Jeff

A couple of weeks later, the end product arrived. I was absolutely amazed at how nice they looked, and of the great job Jeff did putting the Dim C's together.

Following are some cheese cake shots of Dim C 001, the one that Jeff sent to me.

Cheesecake 1
Cheesecake 2
Cheesecake 3
Cheesecake Top Off 1
Cheesecake Top Off 2
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